literary learning; a reflection

Use literature to teach without the curriculum content area being English, they said. It will be attainable, they said. But me? An English teacher by training with not a day of school library experience to my name? I thought it must surely be impossible. Luckily, however, it turns out the answer is something that nine-year-old me who couldn’t finish Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl from fear, despite wanting to learn more about World War II, is really all too familiar with. In reading Serafini and Moses’ (2014) article on the role literature […]

read like a girl

Consider how key arguments are evidenced in the varied activities incorporated in the Read Like a Girl project. Identify one that you could leverage in your school or library to promote a love of reading. The Read Like a Girl project has included events such as an International Women’s Day Breakfast with keynote address from an author, book launches, Literacy Week festivals, Read Like a Girl with your Dad events, and a writer’s conference. The Read Like a Girl founders themselves note that their primary aim was to promote reading for enjoyment (and that they are well and truly […]

literacy levels and an affirmation

Consider the research findings presented in regard to literacy levels, interest in reading and students’ preferences. Present a brief statement on one affirmative action that you could initiate in your school or library as a response to one issue identified in  your readings across this section. I’ll be honest; it wasn’t with my clearest head that I read the prompt for this discussion piece. Rather than reading ‘one affirmative action’ my brain skipped a few letters to read instead ‘one affirmation’. Being a child of the 90s and having a father who was a little […]

a vision for the future of children’s literature

Do you have a vision for the future of children’s literature?  Who will be the drivers of change? I was ecstatic to read in Short’s (2018) article that children’s literature is not becoming extinct, but rather trending upwards in sales; helped no doubt by the cult-like popularity of YA book series and the instant gratification of e-books. Short (2018) further identified a number of trends evident in children’s literature, the influence of visual culture and literature for a diverse society being the two main observations. My vision for the future of children’s literature has definitely […]