Wonder (ETL401 Assignment 3 Reflection)

Information literacy skills, abilities and techniques are imperative that students can access and use information effectively in learning (Herring, 2010). Scaffolding inquiry learning offers teachers, teacher librarians (TL) and students a series of practical steps to follow in attaining these lifelong learning skills. Guiding students through a scaffold supports them, rather than overwhelming them, particularly in a field that has been taught stagnantly for so many years prior (Maniotes & Kuhlthau, 2014). The same can be said for teachers and TLs, as in my personal experience the process of undertaking research has been unchanged in […]

Animal Farm (Are school librarians an endangered species?)

When Bonanno said that teacher librarianship was an “invisible profession” I nodded my head, and then glanced around furtively to make sure no TLs saw me do that (ASLA, 2011). In my experience with TLs (or as we will see; distinct lack thereof) I have yet to come across one who manages to tell us all that this course urges us to be. It is most likely my lack of experience in the teaching world that leads me to (sadly!) agree with a statement like Bonanno’s, but in schools where I have learnt and taught […]

Through the Looking Glass (ETL401 Assignment One)

In the short time since leaving school, and the associated safe haven that school libraries provide for nerd youth like myself, my experience of school libraries has been small but significant; fledgling but formative; casual but crucial. And maybe dominated by my love of English language and literature. My perception of what a Teacher Librarian (TL) is has changed a few times over the years. While at school, the librarian was a mentalist, always knowing which shelf I would find my next favourite book. At university, I found myself in awe of librarians; no longer […]