managing school libraries in a knowledge-based society

Module 2.1

Colvin’s (2000) article remains relevant almost 20 years later in the way it speaks of knowledge workers and their managers. As Colvin mentions, organisations are more like organisms than machines, and the management style of those leading the organisations need to recognise and feature this. Managers who utilise their employees “most essential humanity” are leading with a competitive advantage, states Colvin, for the employees “ability to create, judge, imagine and build relationships”. This is especially true of employees in school libraries- the hub of the school where knowledge, creativity, imagination, information and working in collegial relationships is at its epitome. Recognition of a school library being the living, breathing core of a school – and having a leader willing to exemplify that to the rest of the school community – will help propel the organisations out of the stoic mindset that they are functioning machines where dragon librarians only shush patrons and scan books in and out of the library.

Colvin, G. (2000). Managing in the info era.
Fortune, 141(5). Retrieved from

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