literacy levels and an affirmation

Consider the research findings presented in regard to literacy levels, interest in reading and students’ preferences. Present a brief statement on one affirmative action that you could initiate in your school or library as a response to one issue identified in  your readings across this section.

I’ll be honest; it wasn’t with my clearest head that I read the prompt for this discussion piece. Rather than reading ‘one affirmative action’ my brain skipped a few letters to read instead ‘one affirmation’. Being a child of the 90s and having a father who was a little too obsessed with Savage Garden, I clung to this idea even after shaking out the cobwebs in my mind and re-reading the real sentence.

So what would this one affirmation be, and what would it target?
The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS; who inform educational policy and practice by providing international perspective) in 2016 released a report indicating the makings of a good reader. As one would hope, being enrolled in this Master of Education (Teacher Librarian); I do consider myself a good reader. Yet, I do not find myself meeting every marker of a good reader, as indicated by PIRLS (2016). The one that I certainly do, however, and the one that I hope to be able to make the most difference as a qualified TL is hidden at the top of the fourth page of the report. Good readers had positive attitudes toward reading. Positive attitudes = higher reading achievement (PIRLS, 2016) and the same works in reverse, where better readers enjoy the task of reading more than their struggling peers.

So imagine, if you will, a large banner (probably with hand sewn lettering), strung above the door as you enter my library, bearing the words of my one affirmation:

You are a good reader.






Progress in International Reading Literacy Study. (2016). What makes a good reader: International findings from PIRLS 2016. Retrieved from:

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