The Picture of Dorian Gray (INF506 assessment four)

Being an Early Career Teacher in the MEdTL often feels alienating to some degree, and even more so considering I’m not currently in a teaching role. In this elective I felt very much within my depth, however, being of the millennial generation and having grown up with technology in the sense that gadgets and devices have always been present in my life, but also in the sense that as I have grown, so too have technologies and the overwhelming possibilities they are capable of. While I joked in my first post for this unit (Jeffery, […]

Thoughts for The Future [Task 17]

Wehner, in his 2017 presentation at the Public Libraries Western Australia conference, centers on a quote from Nutter, the Director of North Carolina State University Libraries: “[I hope the library is] known as a place of excellence, and a place of passion, and ideas and vision. You can’t be in this building and not think that something is happening” (NCState, 2013, 7:40).  Wehner notes that Nutter does not mention books or physical resources as a fundamental need for the library, and suggests instead that the content provision and sense of community is required to take […]