Managing Digital Identity [Task 14]

Social media is having an increasingly prominent influence on all aspects of life. The impressions formed through social media are immediate and durable, meaning that anything put out into the digital ether requires management of both identity and reputation (Huang-Horowitz & Freberg, 2016). Being actively present in the internet (having accounts and profiles on social media) means that anyone can be watching your activities and behaviours, and this is likely adjusting their perceptions of you. But even being a passive consumer of content on the web leaves digital traces (also sometimes call a digital footprint, […]

Mobile Exploration [Task 8]

Strava. While I use the Strava mobile application very regularly, I had never visited the Strava mobile website until this task. It is very similar to the desktop site, comprising of a single column of chronologically organised data. The activity feed on the desktop site has two static side bars flanking each entry, the left of which appears on the mobile site at the top of the ‘dashboard’ screen, and the right of which (containing links to other functions of Strava) does not appear to be present. The information presented on the mobile site does […]