Twitter Feeds [Task 4]

The National Archives of Australia (@naagovau) primarily tweets content that can be classed as information dissemination, and information sharing (Huang, Chu, Liu, & Zheng, 2017). The information they disseminate mostly comprises their own exhibitions and events, or the inclusion of National Archives or prominent speakers or members of staff in other public events. Other information dissemination from the National Archives regards facilities in National Archive offices, mostly focusing in changes to regular hours of operation.

The information shared spans a much wider range, and is frequently tagged with #onthisday or #otd. These posts share an image or scanned document from the Archives, a brief description of the year and events being remembered, and a National Archives specific citation. A popular format used on Twitter is encapsulated in the hashtags #throwbackThursday (#tbt) and #flashbackFriday (#fbf), which the National Archives are lending an informative and historically accurate lens to in their ‘On This Day’ tweets. Similarly, they participate in national and international events and days, while still sharing information specifically garnered from the National Archives of Australia. A recent example of this was their series “highlighting three inspiring Australian women” for International Women’s Day (National Archives of Australia, 2017).

The @naagovau Twitter feed contains such a range of information that there is something of interest or relevance to most. The target audience appears to lean towards Australians with a keen interest in local history, and possibly to those from Generation X and older. The inclusion of #onthisday pays homage to current popular culture without particularly trying to engage with younger Twitter users. As a millennial, I find the ‘On This Day’ tweets most appealing; the accompaniment of an actual archived photograph or document from a government institution giving the Twitter feed a factual and reputable reputation.



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National Archives of Australia [naagovau]. (2017, March 8). It’s @UN International Women’s Day. In honour of #IWD2018, we’re highlighting three inspiring Australian women who were forces of change in their respective fields. Which influential Australian woman has inspired you? @UN_Women [Tweet]. Retrieved from

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