Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine (INF506 assessment one)

Social media, or anti-social media as I like to call it in moments of ‘Dad joke’ humour, are platforms based in the digital space for the collaboration of ideas from every corner of the globe. Social networking, then, is the process of engaging with others and their ideas, through social media.

My own engagement with social networking is, I fear, terribly typical of a 21st century 20-something-year-old. I have a personal Facebook page which I like to keep as tightly locked down as possible, however I am a member of a few groups which vary on the public-private and personal-study scales. I have also created two ‘Pages’ on facebook; one of which is for the large Out Of School Hours Centre I’m currently a Coordinator at, as a means of public advertising and connecting with parents of our students.
I also have a personal Instagram account, which I use to post photos (some of which make it to this thinkspace as the tile images!) or find blog posts on things I’m interested in. While I ‘have’ a Google+ and twitter account, I haven’t logged into either in the last 5 years, and there is still a time capsule of my high school life floating around on the internet courtesy of MySpace and a forgotten login. I have used YouTube in the past with classes, and GoogleClassroom is my preferred platform for class communications. I have a Pinterest board, which I use almost daily to program creative activities for the children at my work, but I also like to browse it for the odd vegetarian recipe and teaching resource too.

In completing INF506, I hope to become better aware of the ways libraries in specific can utilise social networks. While I feel I have a good personal grasp of social media channels I use, and a beginning professional understanding in social networking for my workplace, I would like to extend on these ideas and view them through a Teacher Librarian lens primarily.


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