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Creative Commons, ‘When we share, everyone wins.’ Assessment 1 Part A

Creative Commons is an entity that I was unaware of until preparing for this blog, since then I have been thinking about it daily.

Initially, my concern was in determining the type of licence I needed, if any. I thought that I had definitively decided the type of licence I wanted, open with a not for commercial use caveat.  Further research on the Creative Commons site revealed my concept of sharing is not a particularly open one, in fact it only just made halfway on the scale provided.

Delving into Creative Commons and the mission of the Education Program, which has the specific aim of facilitating access to quality education to individuals regardless of their circumstances reminded me of Friere’s Culture Circles (Friere, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, 1970), wherein knowledge can liberate, emancipate, and facilitate the individual’s ability to participate more fully in society. Furthermore, Creative Commons has the potential to ensure that individuals regardless of their circumstances can access recent, relevant, and reliable information that under other circumstances would be limited.

The search options outlined were revelatory and I can forsee how these will assist my colleagues when they are designing learning resources.

As an educator I was challenged to reevaluate my reasons for selecting the no sharing for commercial use and instead look at the potential benefits for open sharing and so amended the licence I have selected for this blog.

Finally, this has been an excellent example of, you don’t know what you don’t know.