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Copyright-An information highway
Night light by Jeongho Seo is licensed under Creative Commons CCO 

That moment when you discover what you should have been doing happened when I went to the Smartcopying website. At some point I had been told that I shouldn’t be copying more than 10% of a work, so that I didn’t breach copyright. However, what if I am to put that same content on a wiki or a blog? It turns out that the site needs to be then password protected with access restricted to teachers and students-while I haven’t done this, I can see how easily copyright infringement could occur. The medium that we use to communicate alters the ways that we are permitted to use the original information, it is easy to see once you know, but unfortunately it just isn’t something we think about regularly.

Where, this site is particularly helpful is with links to content that is copyright free through creative commons licenses, this is of particular use for students making short films requiring soundtracks. I am so impressed by the fact sheets and can’t believe that I have not come across this information before. I am already thinking about doing a presentation at a staff meeting because I am pretty sure that most of my colleagues don’t know that this website exists and/or the ways it could assist in the creation of resources for themselves and students.


Smartcopying, The Official Guide to Copyright Issues for Australian Schools and TAFE. Retrieved from 


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