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Not waving but drowning

Contemplation by Rebecca Kelly (model Ragnar)

The irony is not lost on me that while attempting to write a response to an assessment task that I initially thought was fairly straight forward, I am in fact drowning in a choppy sea of information chaos.

I have immersed myself to the point where it really is submersion. I have entered many rabbit holes, I have increased my vocabulary and consequently my confusion, I have twenty four pages of hand written notes and feel like I am only getting started.

While it is wonderful being part of an engaged learning community I have to learn how to manage the feeling of being overwhelmed by information.

I should have started writing, but I just keep reading!! I think this is some sort of perverse procrastination.



On the other hand, I love reading this stuff, my ideas and understanding of information, of libraries, and of teacher librarians have been blown out of the water so many times it is wonderful. I am buoyed by the possibilities and overwhelmed by the responsibilities in conjunction with the lived reality of restricted resources in a library budget.

I revisited the information continuum and have placed myself firmly in a circle of chaos peering across at knowledge on the distant shore.

My reflections have lead me to think of my current and future students who live in a world of information overload and who are almost permanently connected to the infosphere in a variety of capacities. The ability to sort through and create information relies on their ability to determine relevance, accuracy/authority and understand the ways their own social constructs interact with and shape their perspectives. In effect what we are doing as Teacher Librarians is to give them a life jacket so that they can keep their heads above the sea of chaos until it can be controlled and managed in such a way that they can move with purpose and understanding towards the knowledge on the far shore.


Not Waving Drowning by Stevie Smith




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