My thoughts ….

As I read through the readings I find my mind wandering off….

My first thoughts ….

I have been fortunate to be inside the office of 3P learning the home of Mathletics and Spelladrom. When inside the office you realise that the environment created allows for creativity, collaboration and creation. whilst in their meeting room I felt like I was in a fish bowl. The room is all glass, you were anole to write on any wall with whiteboard marker. Everyone within the office could look in. The furniture within was flexible. I happened to be in there for a course, so for that activity the chairs were set up like a lecture theatre. when returning from a break, the furniture had been rearranged for break out group sessions. As I peered out through the glass, I saw people brainstorming on a blackboard painted wall. Despite the furniture being fixed in other parts of the office, hubs had been created for an array of activities.


An additional thought…..

My previous school of employment.

During my time at the school a new building was built, and let me tell you, moving an entire school is a huge job. The actual building itself won numerous architectural awards. However, the architect was not a teacher. In my opinion the building had an array of issues. Firstly, teachers need resources to aid their teaching. These classrooms most certainly had insufficient storage space. Additionally, the classrooms were deep and the acoustics were dreadful, the teachers voice would be lost. The glass created glare and therefore the interactive whiteboard became useless.

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