Diigo – Leading the Way: 5 Ways School Leaders Embrace Change For Australian Students

Skoolbag (2018) highlights the importance of strong leadership and discusses 5 methods for fostering change within the communities and students to promote inclusivity and success.

The 5 methods Skoolbag (2018) articulates is 

    1. How establishing a communal vision will encourage individuals to support the cause and 3 directions on how this communal vision can be achieved. 
    2. Leadership is ensuring that the decision makers within the school team and beyond are involved at every step. This opens opportunities for discussions and is essential in having effective change management strategies.
    3. Providing the most effective resources, tools, technology and support to classroom teachers to assist in alleviating and/or minimising the additional workload time. Teachers are then able to better support their students within the classroom. 
    4. Champion student success, prioritising a student-first approach. Address student wellbeing and assist in their development of being well rounded individuals.
    5. Evolve your leadership strategies to address the needs of every student. Use data-led insights to support students in every way possible and inform the decision makers through the use of the data presented. Approach change by being flexible. 


SkoolBag. (2018, July 1). Leading the Way: 5 Ways School Leaders Embrace Change For Australian Students (blog). Retrieved from https://www.moqproducts.com.au/skoolbag/blog/leading-and-managing-change-in-schools/

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