Video Story Pitch

This clip is a quick promo/introduction to my idea for a short documentary-style web series. ‘Avoid This‘ will focus on the capabilities of traditional and new techniques and technologies, and how their implementation can assist filmmakers in overcoming the problems and mishaps experienced during the production processes. Providing a possible example to explore, this promo gives a snapshot of the format the series would take.

Whilst filming the promo, the two actors were not entirely familiar with their lines, so you often find them looking down into their laps at the script they were holding. Even so, they both have very friendly presences on-screen which makes the video much easier to watch. For future projects, I will ensure my “cast” are prepared for their roles to prevent time wasting as they try to get comfortable with the skit. I will also prepare a higher quality set. During the editing process, I discovered that the microphone that was attached to the video camera was only recording for the ‘left side’, so the audio is unequal which is very frustrating for viewers. I did not have enough time to go back and reshoot, so now I truly understand the meaning of CHECK YOUR AUDIO!

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