Where I Am From: born and raised in Windsor, Western Sydney, whilst also living around the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


Where I Am Going: I am currently studying a Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media Production) at CSU ( to propel me into the communication industries.

Media Production Skills: Photoshop, DSLR use, graphic design, web design, and PowerPoint.

Interests: photography, cinematography, and design.

My Media Production and Communication Experiences:

  • Lakeba Marketing Presentation ~~ the innovative presentation was used for almost two years, exceeding the average use of a marketing presentation
  • Day of Honour Website ~~ I designed and created the website for a new local bridal store, however, the website is no longer online since the store closed.
  • Digicards ~~ I am currently helping Lakeba with certain designs and concepts behind their project
  • School Projects ~~ including a blog ( ), magazine, flyers, short films, articles and photo series’

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