Video Story Pitch

This clip is a quick promo/introduction to my idea for a short documentary-style web series. ‘Avoid This‘ will focus on the capabilities of traditional and new techniques and technologies, and how their implementation can assist filmmakers in overcoming the problems and mishaps experienced during the production processes. Providing a possible example to explore, this promo gives a snapshot of the format the series would take.

Whilst filming the promo, the two actors were not entirely familiar with their lines, so you often find them looking down into their laps at the script they were holding. Even so, they both have very friendly presences on-screen which makes the video much easier to watch. For future projects, I will ensure my “cast” are prepared for their roles to prevent time wasting as they try to get comfortable with the skit. I will also prepare a higher quality set. During the editing process, I discovered that the microphone that was attached to the video camera was only recording for the ‘left side’, so the audio is unequal which is very frustrating for viewers. I did not have enough time to go back and reshoot, so now I truly understand the meaning of CHECK YOUR AUDIO!

Another Home

Although I haven’t had an opportunity to talk about it yet, basketball has been a huge part of my life since I was 12 years old. So, I’ve decided to make my clip a 60-second tour of my stadium in North Sydney.

I enjoyed taking the photos for this project, and it definitely helped to have a script prepared beforehand, as I only had one night to get all the photos I needed. It also gave me a preconceived idea of the things I wanted to capture and the photos I wanted to take, which ultimately saved a lot of time when taking the photos and editing them into the clip. iMovie was also a good choice for me as I have previous experience with the program and again, I was able to save time. The only problem I encountered was the people walking through my shots, especially on the stairs, since people are always coming and going from the stadium.


Where I Am From: born and raised in Windsor, Western Sydney, whilst also living around the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


Where I Am Going: I am currently studying a Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media Production) at CSU ( to propel me into the communication industries.

Media Production Skills: Photoshop, DSLR use, graphic design, web design, and PowerPoint.

Interests: photography, cinematography, and design.

My Media Production and Communication Experiences:

  • Lakeba Marketing Presentation ~~ the innovative presentation was used for almost two years, exceeding the average use of a marketing presentation
  • Day of Honour Website ~~ I designed and created the website for a new local bridal store, however, the website is no longer online since the store closed.
  • Digicards ~~ I am currently helping Lakeba with certain designs and concepts behind their project
  • School Projects ~~ including a blog ( ), magazine, flyers, short films, articles and photo series’

Letter to My Future Self

Dear Future Self,

Do you remember when you were me, having likes but limited knowledge about photography, video theory and practices, but wanting to learn more? I want to know more about visual theories and rules to better utilise the equipment I also hope to discover, but we both know our real hurdle is having more faith in ourselves and immersing ourselves into discussions.

Since this subject is the closest to what we want to do, I think we did really enjoy this subject. And so, I am hoping that by the end of the session we will be able to use all different kinds of equipment effectively to create multi-sensory, stimulating stories and I am excited to learn all about this. However, I am worried that I will struggle to think of ideas and stories, as I am usually creative during the planning and production phases of a project.

As you may remember, I currently have knowledge and skills limited to photography (Photoshop, DSLR camera use, and photographic principles), and my hobbies include photography, analysing movies and television, and amateur film-making. Currently, my professional experience is limited to web design and creation, and the creation of an innovative marketing presentation for Lakeba, otherwise, my experience stems from my High School study of Photography.

I aspire to have new production skills in audio, video and design, whilst expanding my skills in photography. I hope to know how to use all different types of equipment and how they work together to complement each other, allowing my hobbies to expand to include other media production and analysis. I want my experience to grow as I practise and advance my skills and knowledge, putting the theory I have learnt into action.

Now it’s your turn to reflect, and so I ask you:

  • What was your favourite part of the subject?
  • What surprised you the most when studying this subject?

From your Past Self 😊