Reflective Post

Hello, I’m Nidhi, and I am studying Bachelor of Animal Science as a first-year student. Initially when I experienced the course I found it very interesting and enjoyed it. The subjects in this course are very thought-provoking which makes it challenging and less boring. Although the subject Introduction to Animal Science is quite challenging as it involves a great deal of agricultural content, which I am not familiar with and lack experience of due to living in a suburban region. Therefore I need to allocate more time and effort into this subject as compared to that of other subjects in this course. My best subject is Biology, especially because of my exceptional interest in its content. 

Despite one of my major concerns on making friends I managed to find an amazing group who share similar interests and are dedicated to the course. Thereby not only encouraging me to stay motivated through group studies but also enjoy attending my classes. Although it also expands more opportunities for distractions which is very challenging to stay focused which is why I made sure to establish a fixed study schedule. My other biggest challenge is to wake up early and get to class by eight every morning for most days of the week. I tend to find this exhausting and skip breakfast most of the time however I remain punctual. In conclusion, this course is engaging and proactive in all aspects and involves an enormous amount of animal related content which keeps me highly motivated. 


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