INF537 begins

This is the capstone that will bring everything together. From the material accessible so far it seems to be different (as one would expect), challenging and potentially very fulfilling. Right now, at the start of a busy school term the amount of reading looks rather large. With the rain has come poorer Internet connectivity and there are online colloquiums looming and YouTube clips to watch. The early days could provide a degree of fearfulness! I am telling myself to be positive and it will all unfold as planned. Let’s hope so.


Knowledge Networking for Educators:

Another semester begins and a new subject beckons, for me it is the penultimate unit. I am looking forward to the new learning that will ensue; ongoing networking with previously “met” comrades: Julie Lindsay and Heather Baillie and others yet to reveal themselves from previous subjects; and networking with new people as yet unknown to me. Let the knowledge networking begin!