October 11

Out of the frying pan…into the blogosphere

Having just submitted my final assessment that will actually be marked on the Fail to High Distinction scale, I feel my course drawing to a close. I have decided to take the plunge and export my student blog posts out into the wider web. Hopefully having a populated blog will encourage me to move my blogging practice into my regular work life and not just keep it confined to Uni.

If you are interested in keeping up with me, you can now find me on http://marikasimon.edublogs.org/– I hope to see some familiar names! I will probably mirror my posts between the two blogs for a bit if I can keep track of that ;).

See you out in the wide, wide Web!

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Posted October 11, 2019 by marikamum in category Reflection

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Just another CSU MEdTL student creating a blog. When not studying, I write, teach and live with my husband and two high school children and our black Labrador retriever somewhere on the Lower North Shore of Sydney.

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