July 23

Case studies, ho!

Misgivings (half an hour to Case Study Online Meeting)

The case studies and group work component of this subject is probably the aspect that has given me the most misgivings to date. I am nervous about being required to interact consistently in a scheduled way with an online group as part of content that I will be expected to reference for my assessment task. I also have less confidence about actually knowing what is expected of these tasks. It threw me that the first case study material was basically just a schedule. Looking at that and teasing out surface and deeper problems or issues to pose solutions to stymied me somewhat.

I suppose the issues that jump out to me on the surface level in the case study are:

  • “I” don’t seem to have a plan or priority list, just a jumbled idea of things that need to get done and a diary with various meetings schedules
  • “I” have a fair amount of meetings
  • I am not confident that “I” have enough time to get done what is on this list by the deadlines mentioned

Deeper issues:

  • I do not get a real sense of a “team” or delegated responsibilities or distributed leadership from the scenario information
  • I seem to be “putting out fires” and working in a reactive way rather a proactive one

Possible solutions:

  • Set up some daily routines and workflows
  • Look at developing leadership and handing over some responsibilities
  • Perhaps create a collaborative space for gathering report information or templates that are filled out rather than getting the emails and then chasing people for missing information

Minutes (what happened during the meeting)

In the meeting we looked over the schedule for the case study components. We also had an intro to the group area, which I feel would have served better in a meeting when we actually had access to that area. Then we talked about general guidelines for working through the various case studies and working in groups. Finally, we worked through case study one.

I found the working through of the case study both a bit of a relief and a bit daunting. It was a relief because I felt like I was able to contribute and participate meaningfully; it was daunting because I felt like it exposed so much more of what I missed from the case study and scenario than what I actually identified on my own.

Musings (23 hours after the meeting)

Some of the information in the meeting set me at ease – the idea that the idea is to engage us not overwhelm us with case studies, the reminder that the key assessment tie-in for the case studies is a reflection on the process (so even if things go pear-shaped it does not necessarily influence marks), and the personalities of the instructors. However, I am still nervous about getting my group and working through this process… it is still the part of my coursework this session that I am approaching with the most trepidation!

I’ll try to check in on this subject later and update how things are going or how they went!

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