July 19

Some leadership infographics

I came across an interesting infographic on leadership on one of my teaching-oriented Facebook groups:

This resonated for me with the concepts of inspirational and instructional leadership models – where the leader is inspiring and motivating workers through more internal “soft” considerations rather than behavioralist target/reward external efficiency methods. It prompted me to reflect on how I provide for these needs with my students and with other teachers and even with the school leadership. I think that I am fairly good at building trust – but thinking about how I can improve on building the self-worth and perceived competence of others is a challenge for me to work on.

As I was searching for this infographic, I came across another post/sketchnote that I quite liked:

Since we are trying to develop ourselves as leaders and thinking of leaders as people who build leaders instead of followers, I found this pertinent. Being someone who can have a hard time seeing myself as a leader, and knowing others who have expressed a similar sentiment, I was especially taken by the notion that other people make the assessment about who is a leader. This was reinforced by reading Tamar Charney’s (n.d.) A Quiet Leader is Still a Real Leader. So many different possibilities and views on leadership… and so little time to absorb them!


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  1. thurlings

    Love the first infographic Marika. I agree that the trust building part comes fairly naturally to me too. I use to find in my classroom that the building of self worth and a personal feeling of competency in my students was something I always was conscience to foster. I feel so many aspects of that natural nurturing that a good teacher has is emulated in a good leader.

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