June 24

Looking ahead to second session

Tomorrow is the day that subject sites and subject outlines are due to go live for my second session in my MEd(Teacher Librarianship) course at CSU. With one session under my belt, I have a few goals for the coming session. I will record them here and see how well I succeed in fulfilling them.

1. Post blog reflections on readings and activities from the modules in more frequent, smaller posts as I come to them.
2. Post a general reflective blog post upon completing each module in each subject.
3. Make a point to be more interactive on the forums from the outset of the course – even if I don’t feel it is set up in the manner most conducive to discussion.
4. Keep up my current classmate networks and add to them, especially if I end up in a subject with little overlap with my current networks.
5. Interact with my Twitter account at least once or twice weekly.

I am quite impatient to get initial access to the subjects and Student Outlines because I need to choose between two elective subjects and I would love to have that decision made and the excess subject dropped before the session officially commences in two weeks’ time.

Best wishes to everyone heading into Session 201860 – Tally ho!

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