April 15

What technologies allow students to use sensory feedback? Reflection 3.5

Sensory feedback is a positive motivator and a method of engagement. Digital games use visual feedback, sound effects and even responsive controllers. In a classroom we need to recognise the value of feedback. Different students will respond to different feedback differently, so having a range of options and allowing choice is highly effective.

In my classroom here are a few tools at my disposal:

  1. We use the Schoology learning management system and feedback options are numerous. In a literal sense when providing feedback on tasks, I can write a comment, record an audio message, or even send a video message. Having these choices gives me the opportunity to respond to individual needs and strengths.
  2. A Swivl. This is an audio and video recording device which can be used to capture lessons, for collaborative learning, or for recording of “performance” to provide feedback or for self-evaluation. Swivl can capture slides, information and synchronise with video to bring context to learners.


  1. Interactive whiteboards may becoming “old” technology however they still have much to offer. Students can interact with visual stimulus and the physical interaction when using the pen offers a tactile and kinaesthetic multisensory benefit
  2. Smart phones which are prolific in my environment have much to offer. Feedback is available in so many ways depending on the application in use. Voice recorders, cameras, interactive games, visual calculators, video stimulus and tutorials etc.….
  3. Although not high tech, posters or any static stimulus around the room has the potential to offer feedback, particularly when combined with AR elements developed in programs like Aurasma or even just QR codes
  4. Google cardboard is a low cost option for providing interactive visual and kinesthetic feedback/ stimulus for students

google cardboard

These are just some options which I use, I am sure there are many more.

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