April 15

Creativity and learning for personal fulfillment and empowerment: Reflection 3.4

As a learner I feel that creativity is just another form of problem solving. When faced with a challenge, the learner must create solutions. Creativity is not necessarily an artistic talent but rather a way of thinking and an approach to learning. Creativity of this sort requires an open mind, willingness to explore and the confidence to take risks. Finding solutions to a problem can be both satisfying, empowering and motivating.

Trying to find creative solutions, sparks a process of problem analysis, systematic evaluation of possibilities and then synthesis of information to propose a solution. These are all higher order thinking skills which as educators we are aiming to develop in our students. Developing critical thinking skills could improve academic achievement and better prepare students with those 21st century skills required.

Creativity empowers the learner when they have agency to determine the outcome. Creating is doing, and in keeping with the constructivist approach, learning will be more likely to happen and more likely to have lasting effect.

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