A Check up on my 21st-Century Social Media Literacy and Participatory Skills

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Throughout the last 14 weeks my social media literacies have improved by using more tools, more regularly and in a more creative manner. Howard Rheingold (2010) has identified five interconnected social media literacies that lead to one being a critical and effective consumer of digital media.  How am I going with these five skills ? :

Attention: My radar has definitely been fine-tuned and is is focused on quality

Participation: I am sharing and interacting more with others online. I am more connected than I was a few months ago. I need to keep on working on this (see below in this post about being part of the architecture of participation)

Collaboration: Doing things together with others. I am slowly building up knowledge networks. i want to more collaboration with my work colleagues in particular.

Network Awareness: I understand more about how networks work. This includes both the social and technical aspects .

Critical Consumption: I am a better skilled critic with more experience. I ask the question ” Why , How and What should I be paying attention to this information?”

I have been operating in my zone of proximal development ( for most of this degree really) surrounding myself with knowledgeable others and technology and tools (Wheeler, 2014). As Wheeler describes in his slideshare “Digital Age Learning“; there is an architecture of participation that we can become part of as a digital learner. This architecture of participation involves networking, user generated content, curation, tagging and bookmarking, collaborating, sharing and amplifying.  I have become a more effective part of this architecture.

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Wheeler, S. (2014, April). Digital age learning. Retrieved May 2015, from slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/timbuckteeth/the-changing-face-of-digital-learning

image: http://www.cyberwise.org/#!cyber-civics-blog/cp08