Trying out a different digital curation tool – Listly

‘Listly’:a digital curation tool for making lists was recommended to me via my local TL network day. These ‘lists’ can be catalogued and added to the school library collection. Listly can be used to make visually appealing lists, share the lists and allow others to interact and share ideas about the lists. It is also set up like many other digital curation tools to be shared via social media. The first ‘list’ I have made up is about the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s film interpretation of Romeo + Juliet. My Year 10 English class (along with the rest of the year group) are currently writing an essay about how this interpretation of the play detracts or enhances the script. It would be great for the students to interact with the list and share their comments. I would like to make some more lists about the costumes and sets to support this learning. As the lists are public I had to be very careful about using copyright friendly material.

listly r j