The Next Step …. Reflective Blog Task 1

It’s been over three years now since I graduated with my Masters in Teacher-Librarianship. About eighteen months ago I started asking myself and other like-minded people “What’s next for a teacher-librarian like me? “  The next step, I’ve decided  is to lead a community of learners into the digital world, enjoying opportunities to collaborate, create, find, organise and produce informative texts using new media and particularly (social media). It is my aim during this new course, a Masters of Education in Digital Innovation and Knowledge Networks to continue my learning and professional journey as a teacher-librarian, developing knowledge and skills about digital contexts and cultures.

In a presentation titled “Rethinking the Role of a teacher-librarian in a post literate society” Mark-Shane Scale from the ISAL described three new roles that teacher-librarians should take on

“Role One: Teach Collaboration in writing and creating information…

Role Two: Locating and gathering current awareness information…

Role Three: Teaching students how to summarise and make notes, social bookmarking, tagging and micro blogging…” (Scale, 2011)

I am on the way to integrating these roles into my position as a teacher-librarian.  I can see links from these suggested roles in the comments by Tim Berners-Lee (2009) about making information, demanding it and how the information landscape is affecting how we produce and consume information.

My last experience of online study forced me to tinker and produce content in a variety of digital contexts. It was a big game-changing moment in my career and a refresh button.  My personal aim in this course of study is to lift the bar in regards to how I can organise, create and lead in a digital environment. I need to overcome my feelings of ‘information anxiety’ and develop effective skills in managing the information. Luckily my copy of David Weinberger’s Too Big To Know’ is in the mail so I can start feeling comfortable about living and managing the sea of information out there. I am also preparing to be amazed by ‘Who Owns The Future?’  from “the prophet of the digital age”, Jaron Lanier. I want to firstly learn how to use Evernote and other tools like Flipboard and Diigo effectively, and then teach others. I have started to play with Pearltrees too to guide students and teachers in designing digital pathways.  In my work environments others have offered me opportunities to share my ideas about teaching and creating in digital libraries and learning environments.  I want to be seen as a leader in this area and to continue to be valued as information and education professional.

My challenge for myself is to firstly make it through two semesters of exciting, complicated and thought provoking study and assessment whilst sharing valuable and creative ideas. I then want to be able to synthesise these learnings into my school’s learning environments. I will make attempts at being a content creator, then lead and encourage my school community to collaborate and do the same.  I will in turn challenge my colleagues to tinker with new ways and new resources and enjoy the benefits of a global participatory culture of learning. (Jenkins, 2013)


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