Case Study Closed


Time to reflect now that my final draft of my case study report is complete. My word count is currently a small problem but I have reached out to my network namely my job-share partner to read through and act as my editor.

My case study was one of those projects that organically grew and developed. Through extended professional reading  and experiences collecting data my ideas on how to organise the analysis and the key issues arose. In past academic case studies ( in fact I have only really done one other in my first masters degree) I found that the process of time allows different ideas, statistics and evidence to cross over and correlate. I eventually had the idea this time to overlay the digital literacies with the survey questions, interview transcript contents and evidence of students’ work, using colour coding. Discussions in the digital colloquium with Cathie from MacICT also helped to confirm that colour coding was a good strategy. What eventuated was a view of the data which highlighted the importance of digital literacy skills  in the autonomous learning that occurs when learners publish digital artefacts online independently.

What has eventuated is not a lot different form my proposal, it’s just more detailed. If I was to do another case study, one thing I would try is to approach it with a design thinking approach. There were some things I didn’t think of  till I was too far into the process.Time to observe and then ideate would of been good. A backward design approach where I would start at where I want to finish may of helped too.

Overall I’m quite happy with the evidence, creativity and thinking behind my case study. Time now to share it with my school teaching community, after all it was about them and for them.

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