Themes for the Case Study

This mindmap evolved as I did my reading and identified common themes in the related research. I am now going to choose a theme or two to work with.

inf537 casestudy mindmap

My survey questions covered these three avenues: what learners do with Web2.0 and 3.0 technologies, issues of equity in and access to these experiences and the building of theory and consequential practice.(probably not so much about equity)

My expected outcomes were ;

*Insight into what online communities the students are choosing to connect with.

*Identify different skills and information that students obtain and share when they publish digital artefacts online.

*Students will share positive and negative online experiences.

*It could become apparent that the students are learning and creating more out of school hours than during school.

*Students may be not keen to share or discuss their publications.

*Teachers will learn about the value in “flattening the classroom “and providing global education opportunities for their students.

Most of these outcomes are becoming apparent. The concept of “flattening the classroom” has not really come up, but I think that it is not a “known” concept for many teachers. It is still a concept I could refer to, I am thinking now that 21st Century skills and key drivers in the adoption of technology may be my key themes.

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