What path should I take now?

The question I wish to answer in my case study isĀ Do students become more autonomous as learners when they independently publish digital artefacts online?

To plan the survey and interview questions I needed to decide on what path to take in the research. Greenhow, Robeila and Hughes (2009) offered learner participation and creativity and online identity formation as two themes that are relevant to this topic of research. The focus will be on students everyday use of Web2.0 and Web3.0 technologies and their learning both in and outside of the classroom. Learners’ ability to communicate with a global audience through the web and how these different types of experiences have an effect on the roles of teachers and students and new ways of interacting and publishing knowledge artefacts. The three avenues for research that were explored in the survey and interview questions were what learners do with Web2.0 and 3.0 technologies, issues of equity in and access to these experiences and the building of theory and consequential practice (Greenhow et.al., 2009).

The following screenshots show the surveys that were created in Survey Monkey covering these three avenues of research.

teacher survey questions screen shotstudent survey questions screen shot


The topics of discussion for my face to face interviews with students and staff will be based around these statements.

Learning, Teaching, and Scholarship in a Digital Age: Web 2.0 and Classroom Research–What Path Should We Take “Now”?

Educational Researcher, Annual, 2009, Vol.38(3), p.246 [Peer Reviewed Journal]