ABC Splash: Analytics and Action!

The first guest speaker in our colloquia series: Annabel  Astbury from ABC Splash described this resource and the decision making behind it in a way that motivated me to revisit  the site many times this week.

The discussion with Annabel carried many common threads of discussion with recent ideas and analytics I have heard shared at EDUTech, School Library PD’s and not forgetting the previous subjects in our course. These ideas ranged from

  • The need for students to be content providers and makers,
  • Relinquishing control sometimes to our collections,
  • Personalisation of learning,
  • Global education strategies including video conferencing,
  • Listening to student voice for content decisions,
  • Increase in use of mobile devices

The diminishing requests for technical help are interesting. I wonder if we as an audience are becoming more used to navigating websites or if we get help in other ways like asking another knowledgeable person ( maybe even Youtube).

I was particularly impressed by the partnerships ABC Splash had with such a high calibre and varied other organisations. Open source and sharing of information is growing – we will all only benefit for sure.

2 thoughts on “ABC Splash: Analytics and Action!

  1. Hi Monique,
    The ABC Splash site has been visited by me many times too. Annabel’s comments about the development of these resources for the National Curriculum and their relationship to the areas you have listed was thought provoking. Hopefully more organisations can benefit from these resources and students can collaborate on such projects using Open Source technologies.

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