It’s important to try new things…


The future is looking bright and exciting. I am really feeling motivated after trying out some new tools and making connections with more like-minded peolple in my PLN.

Future learning tools and strategies I would like to try in the future:

* Use Storify to collate ideas and resources from external PD ( first attempt can be at EduTECh this week). Sometimes we go to great PD but struggle to get time to share the ideas.

* Create a public blog for my School Library program and experiences. Just got the go ahead to start this.

*Help students connect globally or just with a local author using Skype, Google Hangouts or other social media tools (inspired by Millers blog posts).

*Have a play with Augmented reality. I am not familiar with this field or gaming really. Out of my comfort zone 🙂

*Integrate more student-directed creating and making with technology in the Library – a monthly Makerspace Monday to get us started

*Continue to use Feedly to get the most out of the Blogs I choose to visit – started this week.

* Encourage my staff to like and use Twitter and help them create PLN – might to start with a small group. Will use Greg Miller’s video

* Be a friendly mentor and leader and show my teachers how they can use digital, social tools to amplify students learning .



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