The Power in Participation

Today I had a very positive experience in the power and positiveness of sharing knowledge, ideas and participation. I decided to share a visual representation of some innovative thinking about the design of my schools new Library. I had engaged in a PD session on goal setting which focused on the value of the Why, followed by how, then finally what of a goal. Our goal is to design a Library that allows our current and contemporary Library and IT pedagogy to happen and work. I didn’t think we should go straight to talking about the building itself, but rather focus on the why, then how and what. We took a chance and presented our ideas in this format to our schools Leadership, architect and educational organisation representative. I put our ideas in a visual format. They thought it was brilliant.

why how what

I had been encouraged to share this collation of ideas. It took a little bravery as I had approached this task an a slightly unorthodox manner. So today I have shared it on my local TL discussion list and then I shared it on Twitter.

twitter page

Sharing it on Twitter with subject hashtags helped raise the tweet, mentioning a couple of well known professionals set off a number of re tweets, new followers and interactions(over a couple of hours) – it was exciting to watch it unfold (for a relative Twitter beginner) ! In another post I am going to reflect on all the social media and network literacy skills I have been practicing by creating and sharing this content.

twitter power

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