Critique of Greg Miller’s artefact ‘Using Twitter to grow your PLN’

‘Using Twitter to grow your PLN’ by Greg Miller

Greg artefact 1

This valuable, engaging and interesting instructional video is based on a very relevant subject for educators. Greg has uploaded it to YouTube but also shared the video through Linkis and Twitter which has made it easily accessible. Most educators whether they are completely new to Twitter or have been using this social media tool to follow or connect to others will gain something out of this artefact.

Greg’s voice recording is clear and the background music does not detract from the messages being given. His choice of vocabulary is suitable and complex enough. The style of narration is engaging while being both professional and personable at the same time. The text is minimal enough and easy to read. I liked the use of infographics to explain concepts. The duration of the video was probably at it’s the maximum, considering the message and context.

The video describes a good variety of examples of using Twitter to make connections including areas of leisure, whilst the focus remained firmly on educators. Many specific ideas of different ways educators can connect were described and not just the obvious of following and commenting.

Reaching out to other education professionals on Twitter to gain their ideas and feedback was a fantastic idea. Considering forty responses were collected they were collated and shared well in this artefact.

greg artefact 2

I know that myself as an educator who is connecting more and more each day enjoyed reading and hearing their ideas. Well done Greg on a very interesting, informative and innovative, instructional video.



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