New Models of Information Production

As the Internet continues to grow and evolve it has become obvious that our interactions with the internet are going to become more and more personalised and customised. I’m not sire though that I want companies such as FaceBook, Linked In and Google to follow me so carefully. Yes I would agree that people generally have more devices, combine this with the way we are using the internet to distribute information and there is no surprise that some companies are taking advantage of this type of behaviour.

Blogs. Blogs continue to be criticised by some, including fellow educators who have not realised the potential in the benefits of public reflection. I along with other students have experienced the knowledge creation that can come through sharing blog posts and comments. I am a fan of The Huffington Post because the articles are interesting and relevant to me. It remains a challenge though in my experiences to get students and other teachers to take on blogging and wikis. I have been trying for 5 years. They need to see value. Some students and teachers still are only driven my assessments. Maybe we need to start assessing their knowledge that is being created in these networks. As an organisation we are now tapping into the potential of social networking and social media.

More reflections to come…



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