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My Creative Coffee morning yesterday was a great opportunity to bring together a variety of people I know in different areas of my life who do think creatively; some didn’t realise just how much they do this. I had three teaching colleagues (each from a different subject area), a midwife (who works in health management), a director of a company who provides administration services for non-for –profit organisations and  a colleague’s sister (who I hadn’t met before) who manages a post office. This seemed to be a good mix of teachers and non-teachers, people that work in service industries and also people who make management decisions and those that don’t as much. As well as getting to know each other we had a lengthy and interesting conversation about creative cultures.

I had some noted some points to keep the discussion going:

▪Benefit s of a creative culture.

▪Features of creative workspaces.

▪Successful creative and innovative work spaces.

▪Do our environments allow for creativity?

▪How does learning happen in social interactions?

Throughout the meeting I introduced them to mind mapping and we shared our thoughts by creating mind maps as we talked. I did do this to collect their ideas but also just to do something creative together. This activity did attract a bit of attention in the café.

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We ended up discussing

▪User-needed designing processes compared to just discussing types of buildings.

▪The effect of technology use on people’s creativity and learning – can be a positive and negative influence.

▪How policies and management can stifle intuition and creativity.

▪ The positive aspect of multidisciplinary teams; respect, support, trust, ability to take risks

▪What creative workspaces feel like and look like; colourful, welcoming, efficient, ’homely’, enjoyable, confidence biding, opinions are valued, sense of ownership.

▪What is creativity; not just artwork- it is problem solving, coming up with new ideas, adaptability.

The feedback received from the group following the coffee morning was very positive; great coffee and conversation, learning while socialising was enjoyable, enjoyed meeting new people and we knew more about creativity than we thought.

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5 thoughts on “Creative Coffee Morning -Blog Task 4

  1. Looks and sounds like a great experience Monique. You were lucky to attract some “different” participants than “just” teachers or school based people. It’s an interesting process we are being exposed to – just wish we had some more time to develop some of the principles!

  2. I really love that you talked about what a great space ‘feels’ like. I must admit that I am aiming for a ‘feel’ in our library and sometimes take a step formward and somethime a step backwards…

  3. I really liked the point that creativity is not just artwork- it is problem solving adaptability and new ideas. Gold Monique. Excellent that you had people outside of education and that they all engaged with your topics.

  4. Monique, great feedback from your participants! You covered some diverse ‘topics’ relating to creativity and design, with an interesting mix of creative people. I noted that they didn’t realise how much they do this. In my view, this is not uncommon – we often view people as being creative, whereas that same person/s has a lesser view of their creative capacity…reaching for a different goal perhaps?

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