And so it begins…..

As a qualified primary school teacher of three years, I have become increasingly inquisitive. I am forever feeling as though what I do is never enough and I want to provide my students with the best education possible. Education is so crucial in todays society, and as their teacher I feel very relied upon, as I should.
In my first year of teaching I decided to go out west to Goodooga Central School. This school is located in the very remote part of NSW, about an hour past Lightning Ridge. With a 100% Indigenous population and a school of 40 kids (primary and secondary) it was an amazing experience that I will always be grateful for. I taught stage 3 and had 9 students. The experiences I had and the things that I learnt were truly amazing. I have found that we take so many things in life for granted and it really made me appreciate the simple things in life a lot more.
For a long time I have felt that literacy is vital to student’s success and have begun to crave more skills and knowledge within this area. In collaboration with the brilliant mind of my current TL, I began to realise that TL is the path for me. With technology fast advancing and students whom understand and value it, I have incorporated it into my everyday teaching. However, I feel restricted in my knowledge and therefore am very excited to explore this throughout the TL Masters course.

Though studying again will take some getting use to.
– Melissa 🙂

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