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Leaping off that cliff again…

March 10, 2015 by meghastie   

cliff jumperWell, here goes!

After a successful re-entry to the world of post-grad learning in Semester 2 2014, I’ve come back for more. It’s a little like childbirth – you forget about the pain until you’re back there in the hospital.  Suddenly recalling how I had no life last semester, all those hours at the computer…

Having said that, it was also the most exhilarating and mind-expanding experience.  Whilst I love the opportunities that technology and the digital world offers to learners, I’m not a tech-head, not an early adopter, not a geek. But, neither am I a luddite; more like someone visiting a foreign land, where the dialect they’re speaking sounds familiar, but it’s not quite…

But what would happen if you never left the comfort of your own home?

So, new adventures, new visions of the world, new ways of imagining learning.

Where is that cliff?

elephant on cliff







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  1. Judy O'Connell says:

    Nice to have you back Megan, and I do hope the cliff is going to lead into a jump into a mound of marshmallow! Don’t forget to use your readings to strengthen the value of your ideas as you write your journal posts, and also hyperlink and URL you use. I noticed the images – did you buy the jumping-cliff royalty free images? Also it’s best not to just grab an image off a website to use (second image).

    • meghastie says:

      I have now sorted out how to do all the images appropriately.
      I’m happy to take them off if you think it’s the best thing to do…

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