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Dream big, start small

Jumping off the edge of a cliff…

July 23, 2014 by meghastie   

Ok! Here goes!

Back at uni for the first time in forever, and am feeling distinctly overwhelmed as I work out what site is for what!!

Am loving the idea of exploring design within the learning context, if slightly freaked out by the workload ahead!

I’m Head of English in a Pre-K – 12 school on the edge of Sydney, Australia.  We are dual-credentialled in both the International Baccalaureate and the state-based BOSTES curriculum.

Looking forward to the exciting changes i can make around me.  Already excited by the Emily Pilloton TEDtalk that makes it clear it’s not about having bucketloads of money, but about engaging those involved, locating the needs and desires, and being creative!  of course all this will work much better when i have a better understanding of what design is. It’s all ahead of me!



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