Creative Coffee (and Croissant) Morning

It was an intimate, inaugural Creative Coffee (and Croissant) Morning that I hosted on Tuesday morning this week. I did “put the word out” into the community, posting on our school blog, but not many people, as you can see, turned out. Fortunately, those that did really brought their A Game. We had a wonderful chat about all things creativity, and I was buzzing the whole day afterwards. What a great start to the day!

I was curious as to the reasonably low turnout. Perhaps it speaks to the timing, although I tried to make it doable for parents – drop off your kids half an hour early for school, stay a bit and chat, have a bite of breakfast. Perhaps I didn’t follow-up enough and push people more to attend. Perhaps it highlights an interesting lack of creative confidence with adults – maybe people thought they didn’t have much to share?

We touched upon some of the above issues as well as a whole lot more during our conversations. Here are some of the tidbits:

  • Why do adults seem to lose their creative mojo? How can we resurrect our creative confidence?
  • Some businesses or workplaces are allowing more creativity to flow
  • The traditional conception of a ‘creative’ – is it just the painters and architects and musicians?
  • Baking can be creative!
  • There is such a thing as non-creative artists…
  • Creativity is better together
  • You need access to good quality stuff, not cheap and cheerful
  • Some feel that spaces need to have a minimal, simplified, pared-down environment. Others highlighted how some of the most creative people work in absolute chaos
  • It’s about pride and care in your endeavours
  • Boundaries / constraints can enhance creativity
  • Creativity requires positive feedback. It’s a sensitive thing, especially for adults getting back into the swing of creativity.
  • Not enough time…
  • Spaces need to be flexible – open for the clash of ideas, but spaces for some quiet focus
  • “Stand-Ups”, agile meetings, rethinking ways of teams working together
  • Low stakes prototyping in Minecraft
  • Post-it notes, doodling, drawing…
  • Food. It can bring communities / people together and provide the lubricant for collaboration

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