Reflective Portfolio

Part A: Personal Philosophy Statement The teacher librarian supports the school community in information literacy, inquiry learning, collaboration, and resourcing. The teacher librarian promotes literacy in all its forms and supports and inspires learners when engaging in the research process. The teacher librarian creates a physically and psychologically welcoming and safe space with the versatility […]

Organizing Resources for 21st Century Learning: Genrefication or Dewey Decimal Classification?

Genrefication is a recent term but not a new concept (Outhouse, 2018, p. 43). The arguments for Dewey Decimal Classification [DDC] versus genrefication can be summarized as to whether a library should prioritize the need for standardization or for personalization (Dickinson, 2013, p. 5; Outhouse, 2018, p.33). This paper will address the debate of how […]

Reflecting on Information Organization

In my first blog post related to ETL 505 I hit upon some major themes in the organization of information resources. Recent readings prompted me to respond to my initial thoughts and to set some goals for beginning my post as a teacher librarian.   It wasn’t until this week that I read about the […]

Initial Thoughts About Information Organization

As I have progressed through my Teacher Librarianship degree I have been wondering, “So, when will I be learning about the Dewey decimal system?” Since starting this course and sharing with others that I have an ambition of becoming a librarian I have felt some degree of embarrassment when I continue to search for resources […]

ETL504 Assessment 2: Reflective Blog Post

This subject made me aware of the day-to-day leadership that I show in relationships with students and colleagues. Reflecting on how I embody different leadership styles with students was a positive experience because I was able to identify how my teaching style matches leadership styles I admire (Robertson-Jones, M. 2019, July 28). While it feels […]

Learning from Leadership “Don’ts”

To help me reflect on needed leadership traits, the most salient examples that come to mind are times when I have worked with non-optimal leaders. These leadership “don’ts” have pushed me to consider ways I could improve as a leader in the teams I regularly work with. As a result of these reflections, I plan […]

Leadership Concept Map and Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis   A school is a place where people come together to learn. In order to build a powerful learning community, a school must be a caring place that fosters trust. Strategic leadership styles build this supportive environment, uniting members of the community with a shared vision for 21st century learning promoted by collective […]

An Unaware Leader

Until taking this subject I had not considered the many different forms and contexts of leadership. I have taken on leadership positions in previous schools, but after those experiences I decided not to pursue leadership opportunities as there were always leader-to-be who wanted the position to gain more experience. I also realized that I could […]

Elements of a Successful Change

I had one of my best years of teaching as a result of being part of a pilot program for EAL inclusion. From the beginning, the way the program was introduced had a positive feel. The third grade team was approached by our curriculum coordinator to ask if we would be willing to take part […]