Blog Task 2 – Observation Task

After a recent injury I have found myself at the Physiotherapist three times this week; once for physiotherapy, once for Pilates mat work session and once for a gym rehabilitation session.

On entering the practice you are greeted with a smiling face and a welcome message. The desk is quite low and receptionist is therefore at the same level as the clients. I have observed that as more clients enter they do not sit next to each other, preferring to leave a space between each other. The whole front of the building is frosted glass and one treatment room is visible from reception.

Once you are called by the Physiotherapist you walk through a small corridor to another treatment room, a gym and a Pilates studio (see sketches). Although the practice presentation and atmosphere stays very professional, there is an instant ease knowing that the practitioner is focused on you as an individual.

My concerns are that there is no high level at reception that you can lean on when filling in the client information form. The options are to bend over the reception desk, kneel there or sit and lean on your lap. The magazines in the waiting room are stacked up high and in no particular order and the Eftpos machine is not cordless nor does it have PayPass. The client therefore needs to move from one side of the computer to the other to put their pin in or sign the HiCaps receipt.

A potential solution would to be create a taller table or storage space that could be used to fill in client forms but also house magazines and fliers in a more organised manner. In regards to the Eftpos, simply changing to an updated device with no cord and PayPass capabilities would be of benefit to the clients.

Each visit has been quite similar regardless of me participating in three different activities whilst here. And, as a bonus, I’m getting results!!

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