Family Space Budget for Library


Below is a list of projected expenditures for the project, in its ideal form. It is understood that the library may not have all the financial resources necessary, at the time of project implementation, to put toward each item in this list. As it stands, this budget is based on Phase I: Startup Costs (initial design and implementation of new space arrangement) and Phase II: Weekly Staffing and Upkeep Costs. It is assumed that implementation of this project will occur during regular library hours and largely at the hands of community volunteers, overseen by the Children’s Librarian and other available Library Staff. It is understood that there may be cheaper options to those offered for materials in this budget ( and were consulted for most of these estimates), and that the library may in fact be tax-exempt (though this was not assumed). Additionally, the library may be able to look to its community members for donations of some of these items, e.g. a digital camera and general painting supplies.

Phase I: Startup Costs, Design & Implementation

Expense Source


Cash Amount



Every Child Ready to Read (ECRR), Second Edition Kit (ALSC & PLA)


($20 discount for ALA members)

Includes manual, CD with materials for 8 workshops, bookmarks, brochures, and a poster; approximate tax and shipping added


Literacy Materials (as specified in ECRR’s guidelines)


Including, but not limited to building blocks, puzzles, games, cards, and books. The suggested materials are specified in ECRR guidelines. This is an estimate of the total price.

Wall Paint


2 gallons; $38/gal (Home Depot); tax added

Furniture Paint


4 pints; $16/pt (Home Depot); tax added

Paint Kits


8 kits; $10/kit; each kit includes 1 brush, 1 large roller, 1 small roller, and 1 large tray; tax added



1 2-gal container (Home Depot); tax added

Plastic Drop cloths


1 pack of 3 cloths, measuring 9’x12’ each; $5/pack; tax added

Painter’s Tape


2 rolls; $6.58/roll; 1.88”x60yds each; tax added

Paper Towels


1 pack; 8 rolls/pack; $11/pack; tax added

Anti-fume Respirator Masks


10 packs, 2 masks/pack; $8.53/pack; tax added

Moveable 3D Model


Includes materials for creating a 3D model of current space; e.g. styrofoam sheets, adhesive, colored paper

Digital Camera


Canon PowerShot A2500 16MP Digital Camera; includes sales tax and shipping from


Library Director


Based on $40/hr, approximately 10 hours total; Includes review and approval of plans, community interface, partner/funding solicitation

Children’s Librarian


New hire; Based on $20/hr, 100 hours total; Includes initial weeding of the teen collection, final design of space, grant writing, partner/funding solicitation, volunteer solicitation, materials purchases, community interface, answering project-related questions, and physical labor

Library Staff


Based on $20/hr, 50 hours total (5 staffers at appx. 10hrs each); Includes community interface regarding the project, building of 3D model,photos of 3D model designs, review of and report on community designs, volunteer solicitation, answering project-related questions, and physical labor

Community Volunteers


Accounts for the training and supervision of approximately eight (8) one-time adult community volunteers; based on appx 5hrs/volunteer, $8/hr

Youth Volunteers


Accounts for the training and supervision of approximately four (4) one-time youth volunteers; based on appx 2hrs/volunteer, $8/hr

Phase I Total


Phase II: Weekly Staffing & Upkeep Costs

Expense Source


Cash Amount



Children’s Librarian


New hire (as above); Based on 40 hours/week at $20/hr; Includes ongoing weeding, maintaining a presence in the children’s area and Family Space, supervising volunteers and interns, leading workshops, demonstrations

Part-time Library Clerk


19 hours/week, $20/hr; Includes assisting children’s librarian with staffing the space, supporting workshops

Parent Volunteers


10 hours/week; training and supervision appx $8/hr; Includes assisting with staffing the space during high-traffic hours, locating materials/toys/games, regular cleaning of surfaces

Student Interns


10 hours/week; training and supervision appx $8/hr; Includes assisting with workshops and demonstrations, cleaning, and assisting with weeding of teen collection

Phase II (Weekly) Total






*Personnel costs are based on estimates. These estimates may exceed real costs. Interns and volunteers were assumed to cost minimum wage (NYS) per hour, to account for necessary training and supervision.


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