Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy Theory

The essential elements of digital literacies – Video

Digital Literacy for Students

danah boyd: How Critical Thinking and Media Literacy Efforts Are ‘Backfiring’ Today

Bringing it all together: Literacy, ICTs and the 21st Century Skills

Bali, M. (2016, Feb 3), Knowing the Difference between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, and Teaching Both. International Literacy Association. Retrieved from:

The Impact of Technology on Reading Practices for 21c learners

Supporting Digital Literacy and 21st Century Learning Through the School Library

An unknown future? Prepare students with these timeless skills

Information Literacy Frameworks

5 Whys

Teaching Web Evaluation: A Cognitive Development Approach

So You Think They Can Learn?

Can a New Approach to Information Literacy Reduce Digital Polarization?

Digital literacy for teacher librarians

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Valenza, J. K. (2011). Opening Gates: On Celebrating Creative Commons and Flexing the Fair Use Muscle. Library Media Connection, 29(4), 30-32.

The Ever Changing Role in Digital Leadership (Kotter Model unpacked)

6 experts expose digital literacy mistakes and how to overcome them

Walduck, A. (2018, Feb 5) Google Power Searching. Pineapple Glam. Retrieved from:

Teacher wellbeing- an essential benefit of flipped learning


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