Sydney Study Visits 1 – Study Visit Report

Part A: Attendance

I attended all the relevant sessions and signed in at each session.

Part B: Essay and Reflection

Essay: A well-resourced information agency is a successful information agency. Discuss.

A library cannot be a successful library if it is not a well-resourced library.  However, what well-resourced looks like depends on many factors, including the community the library serves and the remit of the library.  Library resources also extend beyond the metres of shelving or numbers of tomes on the shelves, to not only include e-resources, but also intangible resources such as programs, services, staff and knowledge. 

Each library has its own unique community and remit and a successful library has a collection that is responsive to community needs. (Pearlmutter & Nelson 2011). It builds the collection around the profile of the community it serves and responds effectively to the requests and changing needs of the community. 

The Sydney Mechanics School of Arts library is a small, subscription based library in the inner city of Sydney.  Its 1500 members are mostly in the 60+ year old age bracket and over 50% of the library’s collection of approximately 35,000 books consists of mystery and crime novels, some dating back to the 1940s.  While efforts have been made to expand on the tastes and reading habits of the library members, the library has responded to member feedback and requests by continuing to support their desire for mystery and crime novels.  The library purchases approximately 90% of all materials suggested by members, and adds approximately 100-120 new books to the collection each month.