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During this session I have come across the blogs of two teacher-librarians (neither of whom are in Australia) – Nadine of Informative Flights and Elizabeth of Elizabeth Hutchinson.

In particular, there are two posts that have helped me get through this subject and come out the other end believing that teacher-librarians can be leaders.

The first, from Informative Flights, was about scheduling.  In it, Nadine talks about how she works at a school where the teacher librarian takes classes for RFF, but she makes it work for her as best she can.  It helped me to realise that even if this was a part of the school that I worked at (and wasn’t possible to change) there were still ways to make the best of the situation and be a leader.

The second, from Elizabeth Hutchinson, was about working with teachers. This post really encouraged me that it’s ok to be a beginner, even at the things that are your areas of ‘expertise’.

Elizabeth Hutchinson is well worth following if you are on Twitter.  She blogs pretty regularly and brings a lot of experience and wisdom to the profession.

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