Week Eleven Wrap Up, Week Twelve Goals

Week Eleven Goals were:

  • No work at least Mon-Tues-Wed – ✔︎ I succeeded even though it meant turning down work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I worked Thursday and Friday, though.
  • Get five hours of work done on my escape room – ✔︎ Done.  I worked really hard on this game this week.  It’s not quite complete but is fully functional and is being play-tested but family and close friends.
  • Get either Part A or Part B of ETL505 Assignment first draft complete – ✔︎ I’ve completed Part B draft, which means that next week I need to tackle Part A, proof read and edit it all and then it’s ready to submit Monday-week.
  • Begin work on the other part of my INF541 assignment – rationale for my game and a reflection – ✔︎ These are both done or close to done but very much in draft form.
  • Work on the readings of Module 6 of INF541 – ✔︎ I’ve explored some more of these although I will confess that I have spent more time on the game than on the readings.
  • Work on the readings of Module 6 of ETL505 – ✔︎ I’ve completed the readings for this subject.
  • Edit genrefication essay – ✔︎ This is done, and it’s just waiting on a final proofread.


Four of my five children and one of my nieces watch the ducks.
Four of my five children and one of my nieces watch the ducks.

Week Twelve Goals

Week Thirteen (for me) is four days of study visits in the city and Week Fourteen is my prac placement.  Plus my two assignments are due in week Thirteen (Monday and Friday) so this is the week it all has to get finished.

  • Get first draft of Part A for ETL505 complete
  • Proofread entire ETL505 assignment and get someone else to proofread
  • Submit ETL505 assignment
  • Finish first draft of INF541 Rationale
  • Finish first draft of INF541 Reflection
  • Complete the last small section of my escape room
  • Submit INF541 assignment (this isn’t due until the following Friday so I do have a little wiggle room if needed)
  • Re-read expectations for Study Visits, and the ETL507 assessments, especially the post-study-visit one
  • Ideally I would like to write a blog post about the classification of a book I borrowed from my local library, but this is not a priority this week
  • I ideally don’t want to work more than two days next week, although I will make an exception if the third day is a library day and my uni work/assignments are on track

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