Week Ten Wrap up and Week Eleven Goals

I’m Week ten didn’t entirely go as planned.  I ended up working (casual teaching) both Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday was taken up by driving five hours to and from Bathurst for the Executive Dean’s Awards, followed by a child’s medical appointment and then the meeting – I chose ETL505.  Then I was offered a day of work in a local high school library, so I took the opportunity even though it cut into uni work time. So I only had one day (instead of four) to get the work I assigned myself done.  I also had ALIA SNGG commitments to complete.

Me with my award

Week ten’s goals were

  • Complete ETL505 module 5✔︎
  • Continue working on my escape room, for at least four hours next week – I got about 90 mins completed so short of goal but I was also assuming I had four days to get uni work done.
  • Attend the Executive Dean’s awards, which will take a whole day since the ceremony is in Bathurst, a 2.5 hour drive away. ✔︎
  • Begin module 6 of INF541 – edited to add: I managed to get started on this while we had a quiet moment at work and there wasn’t any meaningful library work I could do ✅
  • Begin module 6 of ETL505 – edited to add: I managed to get started on this too 🙂 I’ve actually read all the module content for this but I need to catch up on the textbook reading ✅
  • Attend my meeting for ETL505 ✔︎
  • Participate in #auslibchat on Tuesday night ✘- I didn’t manage to participate this month as I was exhausted after teaching for two days, attending hockey training and then having to come home and wash dishes, get three teenagers to bed etc. I did contribute something to the discussion the following day, however.
  • Complete the first draft of my genrefication essay ✔︎ – it’s currently longer than it ought to be – by about 200 words – so I need to cull it down.

High school library

Week Eleven Goals are:

  • No work at least Mon-Tues-Wed
  • Get five hours of work done on my escape room
  • Get either Part A or Part B of ETL505 Assignment first draft complete
  • Begin work on the other part of my INF541 assignment – rationale for my game and a reflection
  • Work on the readings of Module 6 of INF541
  • Work on the readings of Module 6 of ETL505
  • Edit genrefication essay

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