ETL505 – Classification Take 2

Abridged 13I am going to actually attempt some of these exercises I couldn’t manage yesterday, however I’m going to try to work out the Dewey number using the Abridged (13) Edition of DDC, because I have a hardcopy of that here.

a. An American English language general encyclopaedia – 031 (correct for Dewey)

b. Model kite making – 629.133023 (wrong)

c. William Shakespeare’s love poems – 808.81 – that’s for poetry, not sure about Shakespeare specifically 

d. Australian Aboriginal spirituality and dreamtime – 291.4094 (wrong)

e. Adopted children – 306.874 – correct

f. Teaching reasoning and problem solving – 153.4071 – partly correct

g. Eucalyptus trees – 582.16 ?? This is for trees – this is one option so correct

h. Henry Lawson’s poetry – 808.81 poetry. SCIS allows for specific authors but I don’t have access to that right now

i. The architecture of castles in Spain -728.80946 (correct)

j. Bird watching in Australia – 598.07094 (the first part is correct but not the end)


I got some right, some wrong, and I’m still not building numbers properly but I do feel like I’m getting the hang of it a bit more.

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