ETL505: Module 4 (Part 2)

4.3 Subject Access in School Libraries

Now I’m into a SCIS Subject Headings Workbook…

The SCIS site takes so long to load properly and the content you need is the absolute last thing that loads… so far I’m in exercise three and it’s all really basic “look this up” stuff.

By the end… well I skipped the last three sections of the last exercise because I had enough really and I needed to pack up and get my kids from school.


Atoms – these look virtually identical in the Thesaurus and Subject headings

Minerals – this has an entry in the ScOT but the closest subject heading is Mineralogy.

Angles – these both have entries but the ScOT has more narrower terms associated with the entry

Cars – this is used in ScOT but Motor Cars is the closest subject heading.

I searched for AFL both in the Subject headings search and the basic search.  The Subject headings search came up with three options online (Australian Football League being first) and the basic search came up with 458 items.  For students searching for materials about AFL, a keyword search will likely help them find what they need than a subject heading search.

A search for GWS Giants turned up nothing in a keyword search, but an advanced search for “Giants” and “AFL” returned two results, one actually about the GWS Giants.

A Basic search for Alice in Wonderland turned up a lot of results but the first half a dozen were either movies, or foreign language translations, then there was a 1978 edition of the book then a whole pile more translations.  An advanced search for “Alice in Wonderland” in the title field and the dates 1990-2019 brought up something more useful.  A subject heading search brought up two results – one for the film and one for Lewis Carroll, with a subdivision for the Alice books.

Alice in Wonderland

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